Sunday, July 5, 2015

Reckoning Event: Quick Summary

I just wanted to write quick summary of how the event for Reckoning was and where I finished.

There was a pretty solid turn out with all Warmachine factions being represented. Every one was friendly and event was really casual and lighthearted, which is what the event was supposed to be. With all that being said, I won the Convergence Faction coin as the Best player for the faction and I tied for first place overall. The winner was decided on a coin flip and the Khador player won the Reckoning faction coin. She would have won anyway but that is for the second of three battle reports I will be writing either tonight or tomorrow.

I want to thank 7th Dimension games in Jenkintown, PA for hosting the event. Here is a link to the store. I also have to give kudos to the players as the event was a lot of fun.

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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The Corollary, Part 1: The Model

The linchpin of the Convergence and Focus 2.0 

The Corollary... There is a good reason why it takes planning to explain what this little Vector does. It is the Linchpin for the Faction and the reason the Convergence is considered to run on focus 2.0. This is also the hardest Vector to discussion but I'll give it a try. Let's look at the model in more detail.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Reckoning Release Event

It looks like I will be participating in the Reckoning Release Event are my local gaming shop that will be taking place on the 5th of July. I am pretty excited as I will be playing my Convergence and the shop has not seen my army hit a table there. I went over a couple of the special rules in a previous post and I'll go over them in some detail

When participating in this event, you accrue points by reaching certain goals that are part of the event. The goals are Limited and Unlimited points. Limited points are given out to players for doing certain things for and during the event. Here are a couple of the goals you can reach. Playing with a fully painted army, the player will receive 2 points. Dressing as a character from the Iron Kingdoms will earn you 3 points. I plan on starting the Event with 8 Limited points which should be a good start. here are the Limited points that I will be earning

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Delay on posts

Hello Friends! I know it's been nearly a month since my last post but with the new baby it is hard to find time to write and post quality posts. During this time, I was planning how to write my post about the Vectors in the Faction without having too much over lapping information and I believe I have my solution. I will be making my post by the end of the month for the analysis on the Corollary. Stay Tuned!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Reckoning Release Event

Privateer Press is having a release event for the upcoming Warmachine book, Reckoning! here is a short description of the event with a link to the details:

"This is a WARMACHINE-only event that features the Cygnar, Protectorate of Menoth, Khador, Cryx, Retribution of Scyrah, Convergence of Cyriss, and Mercenary armies. This event coincides with the release of WARMACHINE: Reckoning and allows players to earn Reckoning points over the course of the day in a casual, free-play environment.

Note: Event Organizers can allow HORDES armies in a WARMACHINE: Reckoning release event at their discretion, but players should note that the awards and rules for this event are designed for WARMACHINE. Be sure to check with your Event Organizer if you are considering playing a HORDES army in this WARMACHINE event."

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Father Lucant: Papa don't take no mess

"Papa didn't cuss / He didn't raise a whole lotta fuss" 

With the welcomed addition of a new daughter into the family, pi baby no less :P, I won't be able to stop by my local game shop in the near future, so I'll post about the Papa Lucant. QUEUE JAMES BROWN!!!

Friday, April 24, 2015

Warja...Vectors, interface and Induction

The Convergence of Cyriss have some great rules. they follow the standard rules that are a part of the Warmachine Warcaster and Battlegroup section of the rule book but they have a little extra. By little I mean HUGE! First lets talk about the Warjacks of the Convergence, also known by their proper name Vectors. The Vectors in the Convergence faction have two major differences from the standard Warjacks of other factions.